Dreams can come true… but in fact they are signs and symbols coming from our subconscious. All the images and stories that our dreams consist of are trying to tell us what we are feeling and absorbing during the day. Our dreams doesn’t seem to make sense when you’re looking at it at first. But when you start looking at every sign/symbol that occurs in your dream, you would be surprised which messages our own mind is trying to tell us. Even though you can’t remember your dreams, doesn’t mean you don’t have dreams at all. Everyone dreams, only not everyone can remember them.

But there is a solution for that, you can learn how to remember your dreams in the morning. You just have to be patient, have an open mind, and be prepared to let the dreams come to you.

Animals do dream as well. When I look at my cat sleeping (he sleeps al lot ;-)), I sometimes see when he’s dreaming: his legs shiver, his nostrils move, sometimes even his head moves. Then he’s probably dreaming about running, eating or washing himself. Just the same things he does when he’s awake. I’ve been told to never to awake an animal while it’s dreaming, because it would be a bad thing to do. It’s like taking his food away while he’s hungry and eating.

Dreaming is essential to life. Embrace your dreams, because they are good for you. Also the nightmares and the bad ones, they learn you how you deal with problems, danger, etc. The good dreams make you smile and feel good about yourself.

Anyway, I’ll give the floor to the professionals now…

One of them is Patricia Garfield. She’s a world-class dream expert, who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is the author of ten books on dreams. Her first book, Creative Dreaming, published in 1974, was a bestseller. Dr. Garfield is co-founder of the Association for the Study of Dreams (now the International Association for the Study of Dreams) and served as president during 1998-99.

One day I was watching a tv-series about dreams, presented by Roger Rundqvist, in which I heard about the book of “Creative Dreaming” (“Creatief Dromen” in Dutch). Because I was so interested in dreaming and especially in how to “read” your dreams, I simply had to buy it. I immediately understood it’s a learning process. It takes time and patience. But your patience really pays off. I can’t describe my joy when I knew in my dream I was dreaming and I could even slightly direct what I wanted to dream or in which direction I wanted my dream to go. Anyway, try it yourself, I highly recommend this book.

Creatief omgaan met dromen“, written by therapist Roger Rundqvist, is the first book I bought about how to.
Roger Rundqvist, originally from Sweden, lives since many years in the Netherlands. Over more than 30 years he’s a therapist and gives lectures and courses on personal growth, dreams and the handling of traumas and loss.

This book inspired the Dutch television to make a tv-series called “Creatief omgaan met dromen” in the 80’s. Since I was highly interested in dreams and being creative, this was my ideal match. Now I could learn how to be creative  in my own dreams 😉

Everbody makes mistakes when they’re young (or older ;-)). When I bought “Psychologisch Droomboek”, written by Jack Chandu, I was perhaps a bit too young to fully understand it. In this book you find a lot of dream symbols and their meaning. By now I know these meanings really don’t mean a thing, obviously. But the introduction and the “lecture” about dreams, how they work and how you can learn how to translate them, makes this book worthwile though.

Jack Chandu was a Dutch astrologer, director of the Astrologisch Consultatie-en Opleidingscentrum Nederland (ACON) (= vocational astrology education) and Stichting Totaliteits-diagnostiek in The Hague, The Netherlands. Chandu was internationally known and wrote many books about astrology and related subjects, some of which were translated in other languages, did research, gave lectures, consultations and holistic therapy.


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