English articles

How to be a solitary witch ~ Some guidelines on how to start your yourney to be a solitary witch. It’s rather a fun page, but there are some good ideas behind those guidelines. Remember the only way to find your own way is to read, read, read and read some more.

solitary with black and white

Solitary witch: where do I start ?! ~ On this page of the website The Informed Pagan you can find this question with an extensive answer of the author. As on most pages/websites on witchcraft and wicca the words ‘religion’ and ‘gods’, I think it’s positive to find a website of someone who thinks it doesn’t need to be religious if you don’t feel like so.

Nederlandstalige artikels


Hoe word je heks ? ~ Op de website van Lunadea over (moderne) hekserij vind je ook de nodige info voor/over solitaire heksen.


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