Information, history, …

* ~ there are some good thoughts on this website

* ~ with information for the solitary witch (B)
*  ~ informative, explained in a clear and fresh way. Good site to find your way in wicca. (NL)
* ~ with more information about sorts of witches, e.g. hedgewitchcraft (the kind that suits me well). (NL)

Personal websites…

Babette the Sexy Witch ~ Babetta Lanzilli, Italian model who opened after 3 years The Sorcerer’s Shop of Witchcraft and Magic.
She’s taught classes in Wicca and Magic to the general public as well as privately and remains a leader of witches throughout the area.

Susan Smit ~ Deze Nederlandse schrijfster werd geïntrigeerd door heksenrij, nadat zij een column over dit onderwerp had geschreven. Ze ging zich hier verder in verdiepen en liet zich in 2001 zelf inwijden als heks. Op haar website is er een brokje gewijd over ‘heks zijn‘.

Fun fun fun…

 ~ wallpapers & pictures/drawings of witches, dark female creatures, and such
My Prozac Moment ~  FB-page of “a very opinionated middle aged, Mother, Grandmother. A very liberal Democrat. Wiccan/Pagan.”


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